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If you borrow anime from a friend, what should you do with it?

Watch it and return it.
Watch it, rip it to your computer, then return it.
Lose it.
Loan it to someone out of the state who the owner of the anime doesn't even know (or know that you loaned it).
Ticky box!

Guess which one someone on my f-list chose to do?
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I'm leaving this post un-f-locked, because it's pretty much to somebody not currently on my list. (Though that should change soon, depending on how things go with this.)

Dear you. (You know who you are, I don't have to say your name)

I had unfriended you during the stint of time that you had deleted your journal, as for some reason those crossed-out user names just make me twitch ever so slightly.

We hadn't talked in a while, even on AIM, so I forgot to tell you when I changed AIM names to get away from someone else who was harassing me and I was too chicken to simply block them. I added you onto my new buddy list, though, so I know when you log on and off.

I know you're back now, and you're probably not interested in me any longer, since we haven't spoken in ages, but I just wanted to let you know that, if you want, I'm still here. I'm sorry.
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For Kel-chan, and any other people who might be interested

narutohs Open Characters (well, ones that those on my flist might be interested in)

*Gaara-Junior from Sunagakure. Since Suna is small, he commutes to Konoha. Doesn't work, and his father's the mayor.

*Kidomaru-Rivals Shino in his bug collecting. Works at the same Landscaping company. Sophmore.

*Dosu-Junior at Konoha High. Plays bass drum in the achool band, and often goes over to Zaku's house/Tour bus/whatever to jam.

*Sakon-Drama king of the school. Constantly refers to his "other self", Ukon, when he's acting. Sophmore.

*Tayuya-Plays flute in the school band, and is a member of the chess club. Sophmore.

*Temari-Freshman at Konoha University. Works part-time at KonoMax, a clothing department store.

*Kin-Junior at Konoha High. Plays Softball, Field Hockey, and does Indoor Track. She also finds time to play trumpet in the school band.

*Tsunade-Principal. A real drunk. Constantly competing with Hiashi for tallest building in Konoha. Secretly diverts funds for gambling.

EDIT: Oops, silly me temporarily forgot we already have a Tsunade...Pank, you really should get around to updating the free characters/contact list. I'm online like all the time. Seriously, if I'm not in class or sleeping, chances are I'm on teh Intarwebs. I don't mind being in charge of updating things like the free characters list.

For some of the other characters/how to join/ here for the info page.
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You scored as Hinata. You are generally shy, a bit of a loner, and often misunderstood. You wish you could be more self-assured, independent and stronger. That's why you�re determined to change yourself. There is a person who gives you the strenght to do that, a person you admire from afar.












Rock Lee










Which Naruto ninja are you most like?
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Sometimes, when you think about it, a difference of a half an hour can be quite profound.

Today, my sisters and I went to Wal-Mart, a fifteen minute drive from the house. Everything was fine. No traffic snarls, only a few red lights, that sort of thing. We went about our buisiness and started the journey home.

On our way home, just a mile from our exit, there was an accident on the other side of the interstate. A trailer full of something-or-other in the median, a truck spun around backwards, some cars. I found out later that someone had died in it. Traffic, by 6 o'clock, was backed up five miles.

A half hour before, I had just passed through that area. If we had been a half hour later, we could have been involved in that accident, or just stuck in the traffic with nowhere to go.

When you stop to think about the possibilities, sometimes it just makes you thankful that you're alive and safe. Makes you grateful for your own home, when you think about the people who've lost their homes to fires, tornados, hurricanes, and other disasters.
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My schedule for school, so people know when/where to find me:

1:00-3:30 Wireless Networking
5:00-8:20 (if even that long, lol) Fiber Optics

10:30-11:45 Expressions of Culture
5:15-9:35 Windows Network Server Admin
(30 minute break around 7)

10:30-11:45 Expressions of Culture

So that's it. Now you know when to look (or not bother looking) for me.
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According to Dell Customer Support....


How the hell do you kill a motherboard just by opening up the compytron? All I know is that the damned thing no longer turns on at all.

Battery in battery bay: doesn't do a damn thing when I hit power. But that's been a longstanding issue.
Battery in modular bay: causes my LEDs to blink continuously. WTF?
AC power: Lights come on for a second, then die. Double WTF?

And according to Dell, that means the motherboard is FUBAR. And it's not worth the money to replace it, I know...I've had to check that before when my monitor went kaput. Hmm...maybe I can swap the hard drive into the other laptop long enough to put critical files online (since the other lappy will get online, but not connect to the other compytron)
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Now, I know it's not usually my style to go pimping stuff....but this has been working pretty well for me, so I figured I might as well.

I was searching for DDR songs online, and came across a pretty nifty site, it has the 2-4th and 7th mix Megamixes, as well as a pretty good selection of individual songs from the 4th and 5th mixes.

This is where I found the MP3s.

However, to get the files, you have to use Peer2Mail, a slightly clunky but otherwise pretty useful program. It allows you to split and upload files to email servers, then make an encrypted version of the password that can be given out, so other users can download the files, but not know your real password or allow them to delete files. It's a bit slow and eats your bandwidth, but it's really a decent program.
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